It has been a great journey for India Garage, started in 1949 with Mahindra & Mahindra with sheer dedication and willingness to serve their customer to the best. India Garage has attained a place of eminence and honour in the market. India Garage is handling the entire range of Mahindra and Mahindra products in several places across Karnataka. We currently have three state of art workshops equipped with ultra modern equipment to take care of all our after the sales and operations.

Thanks to a young and enthusiastic India Garage team which today has to its credit of selling 6000+ Mahindra Scorpios in Bangalore wherein 1250 were sold in current financial year and we take the privilege of servicing more than 40000 vehicles every year. This is evident enough of our focus for serving our customers to their satisfaction without compromising on quality. For excellent sales and credibility among Mahindra users in Bangalore, the dealership was honoured with three awards at the Mahindra Dealer Excellence Performance programme for Best dealer award for highest service score in south zone, Best dealer award for highest accessories score on all India basis and Best dealer award for highest spares score on all India basis.

It is only sheer grit and determination to develop a customer centric stratergy that has enabled to build a solid reputation over the last 60 years.

Team India Garage extends its warm regards to Mahindra and Mahindra and its team to make us transcend to such remarkable heights.

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